Project implementation team meeting

On November 12th 2019, at the headquarters of the Mod of Life Association in Drobeta Turnu Severin, a meeting of the members of the transnational implementation team was organized. The meeting was attened by representatives of Mod of Life Association and the Tourist Organization of Kladovo Municipality.

During the meeting, aspects related to the electronic project management system -eMS were discussed, as well as the intermediate reporting for the first 3 months of activities within the project.

Also, there were discussed organizational aspects related to the implementation of the transnational seminar „Synergies and conflicts in tourism management” to be organized in Drobeta Turnu Severin between November 21th- 24th 2019, an event that is addressed to a number of 50 participants from Romania and Serbia and aims to address issues related to the management of tourism activities in the cross-border area of ​​Mehedinti and Bor counties. We established the profile of the participants, the selection and registration method, we discussed the elements of the program of activities, the methods to use and the sessions to be delivered.

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