Blueprint for planning and designing a staged-authentic heritage tourist attraction has been issued

Tourism is a dynamic industry and as such must appeal to varying markets, adapt to changing economic conditions, and a continually changing market. Both districts where Drobeta and Kladovo reside have benefited from natural assets attractive to travelers who appreciate ―water, landscape and mountains destinations, but this singular focus has created limitations in responding to and attracting a broad tourism market.

The present study is aimed at a broad prospective audience which includes students; tourism planning and development managers; public and private sector administrators; lodging executives and management personnel; tourism marketing professionals; imaginative engineers; travel agents and tour operators; media; employees of tourism agencies at national, regional, and international levels; researchers, consultants involved in tourism development; architects and land planners; bankers and other investors; and, educators building curricula for entry-level employees of tourism entities.

The present research is conducted to contribute to the knowledge base of decision makers who in the future may wish to consider planning and designing staged authentic heritage attractions.

The purpose of this largely qualitative study was to develop a blueprint for planning and designing a staged-authentic heritage tourist attraction for both cities (Drobeta and Kladovo).

You can download the paper from here.


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