Discussions about second project addendum

On 29.01.2020, at the headquarters of the Drobeta Turnu Severin City Hall, a working meeting was held within the project „Lights On!”. The meeting was attended by Galbenu Razvan, Balasoiu Radu (members of the Lead Partner’s project team) and Serdin Roxana, Doris Dunarintu (members of Drobeta Turnu Severin City Hall’s project team). On the working agenda were discussed a number of issues related to the addendum number 2 of the project (project addendum requested by partner 2 Drobeta Turnu Severin City Hall) taking into account the following issues to be resolved by submitting it to BRCT Timisoara: 1. Change of a member in Partner’s 2’s project team, more precisely the person in charge of the acquisitions of Partner 2’s team, due to personal reasons;
2. Extension of the implementation period of the project with another 1 year, due to the situation appeared with the initial location of the project, in the new proposed location the area needing an urban planning;
3. Modification of the initial location of the project due to some mistakes in establishing the location, the coordinates of the area, done when the project was written;
4. Moving some amounts of money to different budget lines as a result of the savings resulted until that moment of the project.

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